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Puppy Training.

6 Week 1-2-1 Puppy Training Course.

6 Week Puppy Training Group Class

This is our popular training course for new puppies once they have had their second vaccinations, the training  will give you the basic skills to ensure your puppy is happy, healthy and well mannered.

  • Week 1. Look/Focus.

Training Your puppy to look/focus on you when asked is the basis for any future training that is required for a well mannered puppy/dog.

  • Week 2. Sit/Wait/Down And Threshold Boundaries.

Teaching your puppy/dog these 3 basic commands and not allowing them to exit any building without your permission could save your dog's life.

  • Week 3. Leave/Drop And Social Training.

Socialising your dog to the environment and noises is very important to prevent anxiety in a variety of situations.

  • Week 4. Loose Lead Walking.

Training your dog towalk beside you and understanding when it's time to run/play or walk to heel.

  • Week 5 Recall Training.

Training recall so your dog will return to you with one command when off the leash.

  • Week 6. Refresh All Previous training.

In the last week of our 6 week course we will go over all the previous training and help if there have been any problems or issues.

These classes cover all of the training elements that are listed in our 1-2-1 puppy training course in a social indoor and outdoor enviroment.

The classes are held at Silver End Village Hall, Broadway, Silver End CM8 3RQ and start on the 12th of April 2023.

Availability is limited to 6 puppies per class and all puppies must be fully vaccinated

Cockapoo Puppy Dog K9 Training
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