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Expectation Vs Reality

The human has approximately 1 billion neurons in their brain while the canine has approximately 500 million. This is a comparison of the two species and the silly expectations people place on dogs: 1) Human - Given two plus years to accomplish potty training. 1) Canine - Human wants canine potty trained in just weeks or some say they will have to rehome the dog or are constantly complaining about the issue instead of finding solutions. Please take the diaper off your eight month old human and let them crawl around your floor, lets just see results.... 2) Human - Gives human babies pain relievers and various numbing agents to help appease the pain of teething. 2) Canine - Demands Dog Trainer tells them how to reprimand their dog for chewing. Yet has not provided or found the perfect chew to help the puppy cope with teething pains. 3) Human - Encourages young humans to run and play with endless forms of mental and physical stimulation. 3) Canine - “I have got to teach this dog to calm down!!!”" too hyper " 4) Human - Given 20 plus years to complete an education and become a productive member of society. 4) Canine - Expected to behave flawlessly after just some weeks of training. Not happening they are not robots ! Put in the work Karen ! 5) Human - Given sick and personal days from work and endless excuses for poor performance. 5) Canine - Expects to perfom perfectly 365 days a year with no questions asked. Canines are also not allowed to feel bad or forget or have accidents in the house before being labelled "bad" 6) Human - Expects a pay raise annually for the job they perform. 6) Canine - Humans demand their dog perform more every year and don’t believe they should reward the dog more for the work they perform. Being a pet is also a job. Yes ! Dear human....If you don’t train, don’t complain!"

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